Making That Smile Last: 4 After-care Notes Following Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening is a relatively inexpensive procedure that will brighten your smile. Depending on the level of discolouration, getting your teeth whitened at the dentist's office takes about an hour, and you can look forward to zero downtime thereafter. The procedure is very effective, especially when done by a qualified and experienced dentist. For the results to be more long-lasting, there are several after-care instructions that you should bear in mind. Read More 

5 Things That Can Ease A Toothache

When you cannot see a local emergency dentist right away, the pain of a toothache can drive you crazy. Here are five tips you can use to find some relief while you wait for an appointment with an emergency dentist. 1. Salt Water Rinses  A toothache can become much worse if an infection develops in the gum surrounding the damaged tooth. Using a salt water rinse several times a day is an easy way to kill bacteria and reduce the risk of infection setting in. Read More 

3 Common Bad Breath Causes and How to Fight Them Off

Some oral problems aren't cosmetic, yet they have the potential to kill your confidence and lower your self-esteem. Halitosis is one such problem. Don't let the lingo scare you – halitosis is simply the medical term for bad breath.   Though there are a number of potential causes of foul breath, the vast majority stem from the oral health statuses and diets of affected individuals. That said, here's a lowdown on three reasons you may experience bad breath and what to do to combat the problem. Read More 

Why Root Canals Are Nothing to Be Afraid Of

If you were to come up with a compendium of terms designed to strike fear into the average heart, then "root canal" would certainly be on your list. This type of procedure is very commonplace in dental surgery, however, and while it can be a little complex, is certainly nothing to be afraid of. When you consider how new technology, equipment and procedures have been introduced in recent years, there is even less cause for worry if you need to schedule a root canal into your future. Read More 

What to Do If You Inadvertently Break Your Dentures

You've recently taken ownership of a brand-new set of dentures and have been making steady progress as you get used to them. You may have taken some time to make your initial decision, as you weren't sure of the outcome, but you're nevertheless very happy that you did. However, just when everything seemed to be right with the world again, you've dropped your dentures on the floor, and they have broken into two parts. Read More