Dental Appointment No-Shows: Why Some People Don’t Turn Up for Regular Dental Check-Ups

A rule of thumb is to visit your general dentist every six months for preventative oral care services. These services are designed to help you keep your mouth healthy and prevent dental disease and infections from wreaking havoc in your mouth. Unfortunately, many people don't see their dentist for preventative services. They wait until they have a dental problem or are facing a dental emergency to seek out the dentist. What are some of the common reasons for this trend? Keep reading on below to find out.

Fear of the Dentist

If you thought you're the only one who dreads making visits to the dental clinic, you're not alone. Many people fail to show up for their scheduled dental appointments because of the phobia of the dentist or the dental office settings. The dental chair, surgical blades, scalpels and lasers are some good examples of things that people fear. Unfortunately, dental phobia is a problem that starts during childhood and extends into adulthood. A children's dentist can help your child overcome dental phobia. As an adult patient, try talking to an experienced dentist about your fears to see if it helps you feel more at ease.

Lack of Dental Insurance

Despite efforts to ensure everyone gets medical and dental insurance, many people still don't have dental insurance. The vast majority of these people consider their dental health to be secondary to their medical health. Hence, they prioritise medical insurance over dental insurance, given the high cost of insurance. However, some dental conditions and medical conditions are usually inseparable. Having abscessed teeth, for instance, is both a medical and dental condition. Therefore, dental insurance is just as important as medical insurance. 

Hectic Work Schedules

Too busy with work to see your dentist for routine check-ups? Some people miss their routine appointments with the dentist because of work. For them, work simply comes first. If you have a busy work schedule, talk to your dentist about it and ask them if they can see you at a time when you are not working. 

While seeing your dentist for routine check-ups may not seem important when you have a healthy mouth, failure to make the visits can result in serious dental complications that will compromise your oral and overall health but also cost you more to treat. In some cases, the damage may be irreversible. For example, oral cancer can only be managed but not effectively treated. Letting the dentist help you take care of your mouth will go a long way in maintaining good oral health.

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