Gland To Gland Combat: How Your Dentist Can Help You Fight Salivary Gland Infections

Everyone knows that keeping your teeth, gums and tongue in good shape is vital to long-term dental health, but the smaller structures and organs in our mouths are often overlooked. The salivary glands that produce the saliva so vital to dental health are small and inobtrusive, and if they are functioning normally, you may never notice them. However, an infected salivary gland is extremely noticeable, and if you are suffering for a salivary gland infection, you should visit your dentist immediately for treatment. Read More 

Dental Implants On The Cheap: 3 Practical Ideas

A large number of Australian parents have probably heard that they can save on the cost of their children's dental implants by having the installation of implants done in a developing country where the cost of such dental procedures is more affordable. Not a bad idea. But what happens when time comes for the child to attend follow-up appointments with their dentist? Does he or she fly back to the developing country? Read More 

6 Tips to Ensure You Don’t Pass Your Fear of Dentists on to Your Child

Are you a new mum? Are you also a nervous dental patient? If you fear a trip to the dentist yourself, it's all too easy to pass this anxiety onto your child. Dentists are a necessary part of life, so it's a good idea to instill positivity about dental trips early on. These tips will guide you on how to do so. Do Go Early The earlier you start taking your child to the dentist, the better. Read More 

Out of Hours Dental Pain: When Do You Need an Emergency Appointment?

Problems with your teeth don't always happen at convenient times when your dentist's office is open for business. While you may be able to manage a regular toothache if you have a problem with your teeth at night, during a weekend or on a public holiday, you may need emergency treatment from a 24-hour dentist or clinic if the pain is unmanageable or you have other issues. When do you need an emergency appointment? Read More 

Avoid These Foods When You Get Braces

Braces provide a great way to have a beautiful, straight smile, while also correcting jaw alignment issues. However, you need to adjust how you eat and what you eat when you're wearing them. Make sure you are extra careful to avoid or limit the following foods. Foods You Should Never Eat There are different categories of foods you should avoid or try to reduce eating when you have braces. Before too long, you will start recognizing when a food will be fine to eat, and when a food is far too much trouble. Read More