Debunking the Myths: Fact Check on Teeth Cleaning

For your oral hygiene and health, it is crucial that you go in for professional teeth cleaning at your dentist's office. Unfortunately, too many people fail to get their teeth professionally cleaned on account of some myths and misconceptions. Forget these myths; here is the truth about teeth cleaning. Everyone Needs It It may seem like such a waste of time and money to have your dentist clean your teeth when you do it so diligently every day. Read More 

What to Do if You Have Dental Cellulitis

When you develop a gum infection, sometimes it will resolve with relatively few problems. However, if the infection is allowed to develop, it may progress to facial cellulitis. As a serious infection, facial cellulitis is always a dental emergency. By learning more about what it is and how to respond to it, you could prevent a major dental disaster. How Dental Cellulitis Develops All cases of dental cellulitis stem from a dental infection. Read More 

A Succinct Overview Of What You Should Know About Root Canals

A good number of people have a tangible fear of visiting the dentist. And if these individuals need to see a dentist for a procedure such as a root canal, the mere thought of it could be scary enough to make them shudder. However, dental procedures are there to ensure your oral health is maintained and work to provide you relief from debilitating pain. Thus, while a procedure such as a root canal therapy could seem to be terrifying at the onset, the basis of this unfounded fear could be attributed to the fact that you are not aware of what goes into the procedure and why you must get this treatment. Read More 

How to Choose the Right Number of Porcelain Veneers

If you aren't satisfied with your teeth in your smile, porcelain veneers will be a good investment. The question is; how many veneers should you get? Though this is a simple question, the answer isn't as simple as you might think. A number of factors will affect your final decision when deciding on how many porcelain veneers you should go for. Check the Width of Your Smile Do you know what a buccal corridor is? Read More 

5 Features Your Electric Toothbrush Needs

A huge range of electric toothbrushes are available to buy, which can make it difficult to decide which one is right for you. When faced with long lists of features, it can be difficult to know which ones are the most important to look for in a new electric toothbrush. Here are five features that you should ensure your electric toothbrush has. 1. Two-Minute Timer Dentists recommend brushing teeth for at least two minutes to remove plaque and traces of food from all your teeth. Read More