How To Get Your Teeth Ready For Summer

Summer is a joyous season for most Australian's, with a lot of people taking time off and an abundance of national holidays where you can enjoy spending the days with friends and family. For those who are a little self-conscious about their teeth, now is the best time to go out and get yourself some spot fixes so you are ready to flash your smile during this season. Here are three ways in which your dentist can help make sure that your teeth look great for the holiday season and well beyond.

Teeth Whitening

Most dentists will provide teeth whitening services. This option is much safer, well regulated and more effective than getting your teeth whitened by a kit you bought off the internet. You will probably have to book this procedure ahead of time, just like with the rest of these treatments, as your dentist has to prepare for you by getting the right materials ready and making sure they have enough for your teeth. However, apart from giving them time to get ready, teeth whitening is a very easy and common treatment that can provide immediate and long-lasting results.


Veneers are a step above teeth whitening in that they are really only recommended for those who have more severe dental degradation and are a more invasive procedure. They work by placing material (usually porcelain) on top of your teeth that is much straighter, whiter and stronger than the teeth underneath that has been affected by age. Veneers are quite expensive and are recommended mainly for people who are older and have less chance of a successful teeth whitening (or perhaps they have other issues with their teeth) procedure. Therefore, talk to your dentist first to see what they recommend.


Perhaps your issue is not so much the whiteness of your teeth but rather the positioning. Invisalign has been a brilliant addition to the arsenal of every dentist because it performs basically the same function as braces but with far less visible footprint and pain. They are easy to use and can be taken out during eating and drinking, while still changing the overall structure of your teeth to be more ordered in a brief period of time. The sooner you start, the more likely your teeth will have clear results by the time summer gets into full swing. 

To learn about more options, contact a dentist.