6 Tips to Ensure You Don’t Pass Your Fear of Dentists on to Your Child

Are you a new mum? Are you also a nervous dental patient? If you fear a trip to the dentist yourself, it's all too easy to pass this anxiety onto your child. Dentists are a necessary part of life, so it's a good idea to instill positivity about dental trips early on. These tips will guide you on how to do so.

Do Go Early

The earlier you start taking your child to the dentist, the better. When your child's first teeth come through, you can schedule an appointment to ensure that they're growing as they should be. At the same time, your child will get used to the dental surgery and see it as a familiar place that's part of their routine.

Do Be Honest and Positive

Be positive when you talk to your child about the dentist, but don't lie. A matter-of-fact approach where you don't say more than necessary is the way to go.

Don't promises that the visit will be pain-free. The visit may result in treatment, and your child may feel let down and distrusting of you and your dentist in future.  Use neutral language when talking about the dentist. Don't mention injections and pain to your child. These words are likely to trigger fear and make your child more nervous. Instead, use phrases that paint a positive picture of children's dentistry, like, "this is how we keep our teeth healthy and strong".

Do Something Fun After

If there's a fun trip you've been planning with your child, consider scheduling it for after the dental appointment. This will create a positive association between the dental visit and the outing. If you can't take your child on an outing, then make the rest of the day enjoyable.

Do Role Play

Role play being a dentist with your child. Get their teddies out and let them examine their mouths like the dentist would. Give them a mirror so that they can look into your mouth, and let them brush their teddy's teeth. Creating a positivity around the role of the dentist will help your child feel more comfortable when they go.

Don't Share Dentists

It may seem natural to take your child to your own dentist, but it's a better idea to find a dentist who specialises in children's dentistry. The offices will be less clinical with a more child-friendly decor. A children's dentist will also be experienced in making children feel at ease. Their experience in dealing with young mouths is likely to result in a smoother visit.

Don't Share Too Much

It's fine to share your horrible dental treatments with friends, but always make sure your child doesn't overhear. Your aim is to ensure they don't feel the same anxiety you do.

For more information and tips, try contact a local children's dentist at a clinic like Precision Dental Care @ Kingston