Post and Crown or Dental Implant? Which is More Suitable for Root-Canalled Teeth?

According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), 65 percent of Australians have not been to the dentist in over 2 years. Australians are also more likely to visit their dentist when a specific dental issue arises rather than for a dental checkup. Because of this, minor dental issues such as early decay, tartar build-up, and slight wear and tear worsen until teeth decline to the point of needing root canal therapy. Read More 

Smoking and Your New Invisalign Aligners: What You Need to Know

Invisalign can be a marvel for those who might not want traditional dental braces for whatever reason. You might prefer the discreet nature of the system, or you might find the idea of traditional braces to be too invasive. One of the advantages of the system is that it can be removed for eating and drinking, so that you never have to worry about getting food stuck in your braces, as can often by the case with a traditional system. Read More 

Teeth Whitening: A Couple of Procedures You Could Consider

A common insecurity people have about their smile as they get older is dull, yellow teeth. This is a legitimate concern because as you age, the exposure to various foods and beverages will gradually stain your teeth. In addition, lifestyle habits, such as a caffeine or a nicotine habit, may compound this yellowing. Some people may resort to tooth whitening toothpaste, but unfortunately, this may not provide you with the results you are looking for, especially if your teeth are severely stained. Read More 

Why a Root Canal Procedure Should Be Your Friend And Not Your Enemy

For many people, the words "root canal" strike up some kind of morbid fear. However, this particular process should never be feared and in fact should be considered a vital form of treatment, if you're going to retain the function of your natural teeth going forward. Why is a root canal so important? The Onset of Problems Sometimes, infection can spread from the surface of the teeth further down into the living tissue inside. Read More 

Should You Sleep In Your Dentures?

If you have a full set of dentures, you may be delighted with their natural look and function. However, it can be inconvenient to take them out every night when you go to bed. So, can you leave your dentures in place 24/7? Here's why you should not wear your dentures overnight. Bone reabsorption When you wear your dentures, they put pressure on your gums and on the bone beneath. This pressure gradually causes bone reabsorption, leading to a decrease in the volume and density of the bone. Read More