Why a Root Canal Procedure Should Be Your Friend And Not Your Enemy

For many people, the words "root canal" strike up some kind of morbid fear. However, this particular process should never be feared and in fact should be considered a vital form of treatment, if you're going to retain the function of your natural teeth going forward. Why is a root canal so important? The Onset of Problems Sometimes, infection can spread from the surface of the teeth further down into the living tissue inside. Read More 

Should You Sleep In Your Dentures?

If you have a full set of dentures, you may be delighted with their natural look and function. However, it can be inconvenient to take them out every night when you go to bed. So, can you leave your dentures in place 24/7? Here's why you should not wear your dentures overnight. Bone reabsorption When you wear your dentures, they put pressure on your gums and on the bone beneath. This pressure gradually causes bone reabsorption, leading to a decrease in the volume and density of the bone. Read More 

Five Mouth-Safety Tips and Ideas for Rugby Players

If you play a lot of rugby, you need to take steps to protect your teeth. Wondering what techniques or products can help? Here are some tips to keep in mind: 1. Wear a mouthguard. Even if a mouth guard is not required in your rugby league, you should wear one anyway, and this is true for players of all ages. Mouthguards can be relatively inexpensive, but they offer a lot of protection. Read More 

Bite the Bullet: How to Know If You Should See a Dentist

With life getting busier by the minute, even something as quick and innocuous as a trip to the dentist can carve a major chunk out of your schedule.  As such, it can be tempting to pop a painkiller and skip the dental appointment — but is that really safe to do?  While you don't need to visit the dental surgery every time your teeth click together, you should certainly try to set aside time to visit if you feel there may be a problem. Read More 

Why There’s More to Your Smile Than You Realise

Do you realise how powerful your smile is? Do you also realise how much impact it has on other people and how they judge you subconsciously according to your effort? Your Reward While smiling is not something that most people tend to think too much about, it should be. If you make it a habit to consciously smile at every person you come across, this will transmit additional signals to your brain to stimulate a feeling of pleasure. Read More