3 Signs Your Toothache Requires Emergency Dental Services

It is essential to catch dental problems early before they become severe. During your dental appointment, the dentist will be able to point out cavities that may be developing or teeth that may be growing poorly. However, on some occasions, something may happen to your teeth that may cause you to need emergency dental services. For instance, a toothache may be caused by something other than a cavity. Here are some signs and symptoms of why you may need emergency dental services for your toothache. 

Chipped tooth

Trauma to a tooth can be a result of a couple of things. A sporting accident, a vehicle collision, or even a physical fight can cause one or more teeth to get chipped. A cracked tooth can cause an excruciating toothache. Additionally, if left untreated, it can lead to a split tooth or discolouration, infection, and decay of the affected tooth. It is therefore essential to have the toothache treated as soon as possible. That is where emergency dental services come in. The dentist will treat the chipped tooth and check if the trauma caused any other underlying damage to your mouth.

A loose tooth

Loose teeth are quite a common thing, especially in children. Kids experience non-trauma-related tooth loss as they grow, which may require emergency dental services. However, in adults, this doesn't occur often. If a tooth is wiggling and loose, you may have an underlying problem with your teeth. The dental issue could result from an infection, especially if you are experiencing a severe toothache. If you are in this position, you must visit your emergency dentist. They will be able to investigate the cause of your toothache and treat the root problem. 

Aching and bleeding gums

Some occasional slight bleeding is not usually a significant cause of worry. It may indicate early-stage gingivitis, but that doesn't usually warrant emergency dental services. However, If you note regular, excessive bleeding from the gums accompanied by a toothache, that may require a dental emergency. Why? It could be an early indication of gum disease. If you still want to retain your natural set of teeth, it is vital to act quickly. Failure to do so the gum disease may progress and require extensive surgery and intensive cleaning. Advanced gum disease treatment may even require bone or tissue grafts, bone surgery and flap surgery. 

Emergency dental services are vital. It is no wonder toothaches are considered the worst pain an individual can endure in some quarters. So long as you seek treatment immediately after you experience any of the signs mentioned above, it should help set you back to pain-free living in no time. For more information on emergency dental work, contact a professional near you.