Answering Commonly-Asked Questions About Dentures

Your prosthodontist (a dentist who specialises in missing teeth dental treatments) may recommend dentures as a treatment option, mainly because it is the least expensive and most non-invasive method. Your dentist may also recommend other treatment options, like dental implants and dental bridges, but these will be based on various factors like age and your general health.

How Does Age Affect the Missing Teeth Dental Treatment You Receive?

To understand this better, you need to look at how each recommended missing tooth dental treatment is conducted. 


Dentures do not require any invasive procedures, meaning you neither require injections nor dental surgery. Your dentist takes dental measurements in your mouth and creates a mould that is sent to a dental lab to construct your denture. It is then fitted in your mouth, and the dentist checks whether it sits well. Your dentist will ask you whether it feels comfortable.

Due to weaknesses that come with old age, surgery may take a huge toll on an older person. That is why it is recommended to seek alternative non-invasive treatments for older individuals; a dentist will often recommend dentures.

Dental implants

Dental implants require surgery, meaning you need to be energetic and healthy. Younger people are generally energetic, but the dental surgeon will still need to conduct some tests to confirm that you are in good health before dental surgery is done. This does not include children who still have their primary or milk teeth.

Should You Choose Dentures or Dental Implants?

If after an examination, your dentist discovers that you qualify for dentures and dental implants, it is up to you to decide what you want. This should help you make the right decision:

The procedure

A dental implant procedure requires surgery and plenty of healing time. Is this something that you can handle? Let your dentist give you the specifics of the procedure to get accurate details.

The denture procedure is not invasive, and you don't require healing time. You may, however, need some time to get used to the dentures.

The cost

Dental implants are more expensive than dentures. Consider the treatment that you can easily afford; you may also want to consider your dental insurance.

The outcome

Dental implants give the best visual results, and maintenance is low. On the other hand, a denture may also give a good visual outcome, but maintenance is high. You need to remove the dentures for cleaning purposes and every night when sleeping.