Considering a Smile Makeover? Here are 3 Things to Do Before Your Appointment

Are you not happy about your smile due to discoloured, misaligned, chipped or crooked teeth? If so, you may be considering getting a smile makeover that will transform your look and improve your oral aesthetics. However, before you cross this bridge, you have to go through a consultation appointment with your cosmetic dentist. Preparing for this appointment can help you determine what you want so that you won't end up feeling overwhelmed at the dentist's office. Below are three things that you can do before going in for your first appointment.

Assess your smile

The first step is to identify what you don't like about your smile. Do you have discoloured teeth with yellow, brown or black stains? Are your teeth crooked or misaligned? Did you get an injury that knocked off one of your teeth or chipped it? Find out what you don't like about your smile so that you can simplify the consultation process. You may want to straighten your teeth and also restore their white colour. Don't assume that your cosmetic dentist will know what you want. If possible, make a list of all the things that you feel are wrong with your oral aesthetics so that you can address them with the dentist.

Find out what you like

Once you know what the problem is, the next thing is to identify your likes. How would you want your smile to look like? Do you have photos of friends or other individuals whose smiles you admire? If so, keep them in hand so that you can show your cosmetic dentist. Not everyone wants the same thing when it comes to smile makeovers. Some people want a natural-looking tooth colour while others wish to have a snowy white one. Some want all the teeth in a row to have the same size while others want to preserve the natural shape of their teeth. Think about these things before visiting a dentist.

Consider the treatment options

Various treatment options are used to correct teeth problems and give you a perfect smile. For example, braces are used to correct misalignment while whitening treatments are used to restore the colour of the teeth. Appliances such as dental veneers and crowns can be used to fix problems such as cracked or chipped teeth. Dental implants and dentures are suitable for replacing missing teeth. Once you have identified your problem, consider the available treatment options and their cost so that you can evaluate your budget before visiting the dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry can dramatically transform your smile and improve your quality of life. Take these measures before visiting a cosmetic dentist so that you can be prepared to discuss the best treatment option.