Why There’s More to Your Smile Than You Realise

Do you realise how powerful your smile is? Do you also realise how much impact it has on other people and how they judge you subconsciously according to your effort?

Your Reward

While smiling is not something that most people tend to think too much about, it should be. If you make it a habit to consciously smile at every person you come across, this will transmit additional signals to your brain to stimulate a feeling of pleasure. The act of smiling in this way stimulates the reward mechanisms within the brain.

Types of Smiles

There are many different muscles in the face that are activated during a smile. Interestingly, the "type" of smile will activate specific muscles in isolation, and this is something that other people are able to automatically perceive and will judge you on.

Genuine or Not?

Which muscles are activated is how people are able to tell the difference between a smile that is genuine and one that is fake or forced. There are two different muscle groups involved. The first encircles the edges of the mouth, whilst the other encircles the eye socket. If a smile does not activate the muscles surrounding the eye socket, then this is far less sincere and is called in some circles just a "social" smile.

It is possible for the human brain to instantly distinguish whether a smile activates both muscle groups or not. The brain is able to determine whether or not a smile is expected in the current situation. It will compare the features of the other person to the standard geometry of the face and will even mimic the smile automatically and instantaneously, in order to confirm if it is real or not.

Living Longer

It has long been suspected that someone who makes a habit of smiling as much as possible can reduce the overall amount of stress that they feel in general life. Less stress can lead to less impact on your mental and physical health and can help to avoid the onset of various diseases in later life.

How the Dentist Can Help

Some people may be worried about the state of their dental health and whether or not they should exhibit a full and sincere smile. If you have any worries about your appearance, then your dentist should be your first port of call. Techniques and solutions available in your dental office today can work wonders to give you the smile you've always dreamed of.