Thinking About Dental Crowns? Here’s Why You Need Your Teeth Whitened First

Are you thinking about getting a dental crown (or multiple crowns) to improve your self-confidence? Dental crowns are caps placed over teeth to make them look (and sometimes function) better. They can hide broken teeth, misshapen teeth, and large fillings, making you feel better about your smile. However, if your primary motivation for getting a crown is appearance, there's something you'll probably need to do first: get your teeth whitened.


Dental crowns are made to be the same colour as teeth, and your dentist will likely be able to offer your a range of shades. When choosing one of these shades, you could run into problems. Alternatively, some people become offended by the dark shade their dentist suggests, leading them to insist on a colour that doesn't match what they have. Even if you trust your dentist and find a shade that suits you, it can often be disheartening to see just how dark your teeth are on the VITA scale. Whether you end up with a crown that's lighter that your teeth, or a matching crown that you dislike the colour of, this is likely to have a negative effect on your self-esteem, making the crowns pointless to begin with. That's why it's a good idea to get your teeth whitened to a shade you're happy with before choosing a crown shade.


Teeth whitening should always be performed by a dental professional. Procedures conducted by an amateur could lead to a whole host of problems. Patchy colouring, gum damage and infection are just a few possible outcomes of opting for someone who isn't professionally trained. A professional will be able to safely whiten your teeth to your preferred colour using a bleaching agent and often an accelerating light. The risks of damage and colour issues are greatly reduced when the procedure is carried out by someone who knows how to fit a mouthguard and apply bleach.


It's essential that you get your teeth whitened to your preferred shade before you choose your crown shade. Otherwise, you will end up with a crown that's darker than the rest of your teeth. It's a good idea to get them whitened a few weeks before having your crowns matched, as your teeth a likely to darken somewhat after being whitened. Whitening won't last forever, but you can continue to get professional treatments as and when necessary to match your crown.