Don’t fear the dentist - Why you really should have regular dental checkups.

For some odd reason, most mere mortals fear a trip to the dentist over their annual doctor's checkup. The idea of going in and having someone poke and prod around in one's mouth seems so off-putting that it can be years before an appointment is made - by which time some serious decay has occurred. Dental appointments should be made every six months, but the amount of people who actually visit their dentist regularly are few and far between. 

So, before teeth need to be pulled or dentures are required, read through these reasons why it's important to beat this fear and book in with your local dentist for a checkup. 

1. It's just not just about your teeth

Yes, the primary reason for booking in a dentists appointment is to have teeth examined, but a trip to the dentist can actually help identify other diseases or issues. Dentists can tell whether you may have some vitamin deficiencies, or even something as troublesome as glandular fever, just by examining you in the dentists chair. If your a smoker, they may even be able to detect signs of cancer - something you definitely want to find as soon as possible.

2. Catching problems early will save you money

This may seem like a no-brainer, but catching dental issues early can save you a ton of cash - especially because many major dental procedures aren't cheap! Things like slightly crooked teeth or small decays are an easy fix when identified quickly. However, if the situation escalates, they may be required to give you more expensive treatments. A good example is plaque - a dentist will routinely remove plaque every time you have an appointment. Unfortunately, if you've left it too long, plaque hardens and cannot be removed. Cleaning it out every 6-12 months will ensure it doesn't hang around.  It's definitely worth the appointment bill to get regular checkups.

3. They can help you enjoy the foods you love.

Anyone with sensitive teeth often cringe at the thought of biting into an ice-cream, or enjoying a steaming hot coffee or tea. If sensitive store-bought toothpastes aren't quite cutting it, a trip to the dentist will definitely be able to help with the sensitivity and will generally prescribe you a specially designed toothpaste, allowing you to indulge in all the goodies you love without the painful side effects.

Going to the dentist isn't like going to the doctor - you shouldn't wait around for something to feel wrong before you make an appointment. Instead, making regular bi-annual appointments will ensure your oral hygiene is at the height of health, and will save you cash in the long run.