Debunking the Myths: Fact Check on Teeth Cleaning

For your oral hygiene and health, it is crucial that you go in for professional teeth cleaning at your dentist's office. Unfortunately, too many people fail to get their teeth professionally cleaned on account of some myths and misconceptions. Forget these myths; here is the truth about teeth cleaning.

Everyone Needs It

It may seem like such a waste of time and money to have your dentist clean your teeth when you do it so diligently every day. Yes, brushing your teeth after meals and flossing every day or every other day are excellent oral hygiene practices, but professional teeth cleaning does so much more.

It's nearly impossible to get all the plaque and tartar when you brush or floss on your own. The type of brush you use, your brushing technique, and other factors play into that. A dentist or dental hygienist will get all this buildup during your cleaning appointment.

It Doesn't Cause Sensitivity or Enamel Erosion

Some mild sensitivity right after professional teeth cleaning is not uncommon. This is to be expected after the removal of the tartar that builds up between the teeth. That said, any sensitivity you may experience will be short-lived and should go away within a few hours.

Similarly, teeth cleaning does not erode your enamel. No harsh chemicals are used, and the scaling and debridement procedures used will not cause enamel erosion. If anything, by getting your teeth professionally cleaned, you will be reducing the risk of enamel weakening and damage that will result in dental cavities.

Teeth Cleaning Will Not Increase the Gap Between Teeth

The little deposits of tartar and plaque around the gums and between the teeth will fill up the natural gap between teeth over time. When this buildup is removed during the teeth cleaning procedure, it is expected that the gaps will become exposed. However, within a few weeks, the gaps will not be as conspicuous anymore.

Teeth Cleaning Is Not the Same as Teeth Whitening

The only similarity between teeth cleaning and whitening is that your teeth will appear brighter. With cleaning, the outcome is just brighter teeth, but not whiter teeth. The two are entirely different treatments, and your dentist will often start with cleaning your teeth before teeth whitening.

Separate truth from myth. However well or how frequently you brush and floss, you also need professional teeth cleaning. As outlined, none of the downsides cited in common myths hold up to the truth.